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Professional Careers Guidance service in Salthill Galway


  • Guidance counselling for second level students looking to make CAO  and further education decisions 

  • Guidance counselling for third level students and graduates looking to enter the careers market or continue with further education

  • Guidance counselling for adult learners who are looking to upskill

  • Interview skills training and support preparation for job seekers

  • Career change advice and guidance for those looking for a change of career path 

  • Psychometric testing to determine interests, aptitude and personality 

  • Research into course availability and criteria for 3rd level in Ireland, UK and further afield. 

Start Tomorrow Today

Career Guidance services are available via video call or in person. Book in today! 

 Career Happiness is within your reach!
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Qualified Member of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Ireland

Member of The Teaching Council 

Certified by the British Psychometric Society


Guidance Counselling

Clarify your Career Goals

There are many factors to consider when deciding what your career path will be. To be happy in a career it needs to compliment your personality, utilise your abilities and reflect your interests. There are also other factors, such as finances and responsibilities which often need to be factored in. A guidance interview will help you to identify your true aspirations and develop a career plan that is achievable.

Job search skills

Make a great first impression

Give yourself every chance to beat the competition. With my support present a CV that showcases your skills and your abilities for the prospective employer. Practice interviews are an essential part of effective preparation. I will help you to confidently articulate the message  you want to share. Sourcing the right job requires time but can be done efficiently with my support.

Psychometric testing

Interest and Aptitude Testing

Certified to deliver psychometric tests by the British Psychometric Society; the tests used, measure your aptitudes, personality and  interests.  These tests are objective, highly discriminating  and reliable.  Individual reports are prepared and fully explained for the benefit of  participants. A great tool to use as part of your career planning process .


Our reputation speaks for itself

‘Delia really helped me find a course I was happy with. She was very positive and worked with what I told her, even though others had said it was unrealistic’

Very Satisfactory. I felt my careers adviser in particular was passionate, diligent and great help in navigating me through a vast and overwhelming system. Always willing to listen.

“I was in a dilemma at work. I was not enjoying my job, but had been offered a promotional opportunity. Delia helped me to work out my priorities and allowed me the space to consider all my options.  I now have a plan that allows me to meet my immediate financial responsibilities but also prepares me for other career options in the future.

Wanting to return to the labour market after a prolonged period of time was daunting to me. Delia helped to to recognise the skills I had to offer and gave me the confidence to get back out there!

I sought Career Guidance Galway services as I wanted to change career but was unsure of where to start looking or what career I was suited for.  


After working with Delia, I now have an idea of what area of work I would like to move in to. I also have the resources now to start my career change which I did not have before. 


I would definitely recommend working with Career Guidance Galway. It has helped me no end, Delia was exceptionally helpful and approachable throughout. The quality of service offered is fantastic. 


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