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Leaving Cert and Beyond course

Places are limited to 20. To book email or phone 0872462034.Cost of the course is €95.

Leaving Cert and Beyond is a course to prepare students for the Leaving Cert and for life. They will leave with newfound hope, a plan and strategies and skills to maintain resilience and balance during what can be a stressful time. With the help of a life coach they will learn to studying effectively, manage their time and set goals. They will also learn mindfulness techniques to stay grounded, maintain energy, manage stress and anxiety and help with sleep. An experienced Career Guidance Counsellor will help participants explore their options and set them on the right path. A fitness and nutrition coach will teach them exercises to de-stress and energise body and mind. They will examine how diet effects mood, energy levels, sleep and stamina. Most importantly, they will meet young people with similar hopes and dreams who will support them throughout the coming year or two. Life is too short to waste on worry and regret. “Leaving Cert and Beyond” offers students a blueprint for exam success and will help them establish positive habits and attitudes. Lizzie Harrison is a life coach and mindfulness facilitator with twenty years experience in education who believes the forward-thinking, solution-focused approach offered by life coaching can be hugely beneficial to young people. Mary Hardiman Mullen is a fitness and nutrition coach who feels passionately about the connection between health and nutrition and happiness. She runs her own gym, Get fit, Shape up, Enjoy life, teaching classes such as Pilates, circuit training and boxercise. Delia Clarke is a career guidance counsellor running a private practice in Galway. She will look at career planning, important dates for college applications and provide guidance aimed at unlocking their potential. Places are limited to 20. To book email or phone 0872462034. Cost of the course is €95.

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