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Timing is important to SUSI

SUSI grant application process opens on April 25th. This is a first come first served process; the earlier you submit your SUSI application & supporting documents the earlier your grant decision will be made. If you would like support with your SUSI application, I am running 30 min appointments on Thursday 25th April and Thursday the 2nd May. Call me Delia on 0863046268 to book.

How to Apply for a SUSI Grant: Tips for Applicants

Make your application as early as possible after the opening date – (25 April 2019). Make sure the information you supply in relation to dates of birth, PPS numbers, etc. is correct, to avoid delays in the processing of your application. Find out what class of applicant you are – Dependent, Mature Dependent or Independent. It is important that you supply SUSI with all of the documentation that we request from you, correctly first time and on time. If you need more time then contact our support desk to let us know. You can use the application tracker in your online account to check the progress of your submitted application at any stage.

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