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Service Review January 2021

“When I left my customer service job in December ’20 in search of a new career, I really had no idea what I wanted to do or what direction I needed to take. I researched Career Guidance in Galway and Delia’s site really stood out to me. It was professional & easy to navigate, so I contacted her straight away. She responded swiftly and we agreed to meet in January. Within days, she had sent me personality & career assessments to complete before our first meeting – I was so excited to see what the results were and get started on my new path!

Delia was warm, friendly and really knew her stuff. I felt so comfortable asking her questions and really felt like she cared about my future. Even though we were communicating over zoom meetings and email, I never felt like I was missing out in any way. She sent me so much material to research - courses, colleges, careers, volunteering, some of which I never knew existed, it really opened my eyes to what is out there. Over both our meetings, she suggested I look at courses and avenues I never normally would have & I am so happy I did. She made me think about choosing my future profession as an exciting time rather than a stressful one. I really feel like I have an idea of where I am going, looking at the material that Delia sent to me.

Thank you so much for all your help Delia, it was a pleasure. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a nudge in the right direction!”


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