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Service review from April 2021

With the current pandemic, my career took a stand still. This gave me time to think about and evaluate if my current career was something I wished to continue. I felt I had reached a block in my career and needed advice. With all this in mind, I reached out to Delia at Careers Guidance Galway.

From reaching out to Careers Guidance Galway I have clarification on what my works for me in a career. With that in mind, I have a more focused approach in my career research. I had several ideas in mind but after speaking with Delia, she focused in on what works best for me, breaking down what is appealing in both a workplace environment as in the role itself. Delia also provided great insight to how I can improve myself, my education and skillset in order to attain my future career. Her recommendations of how to do this is very simple and straightforward, which means it is very easy to achieve.

Get in touch now!! I am so happy that I reached out to Careers Guidance Galway and put my trust in Delia. She is an absolute pleasure to deal with, very accommodating and listens to every option you might be considering. Her process to help her clients is very effective and the information she provides is incredible.

Personally, I didn’t feel the Zoom meetings were a hinderance to the process. I still got to meet Delia even though it was virtual. I think that online interaction is very important to the process. Honestly, I wished I had another zoom with her, as I really enjoyed talking and discussing my career options with her.


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